How I cured myself from the incurable “skin writing disease”

First shock

In my 7 years-long search for curing it, I stumbled across many articles and stories, but I did not find any solutions. I read a lot about similar conditions — sun, cold, and stress initiated.

Going into analysis

I visited a gastroenterologist and immunologist and they did not find anything either (no parasites, no immune-deficiency, just ELEVATED BILIRUBIN and worse than normal C4 complement.).

Lab test results — bilirubin, uric acid, and C4 comp. being the major markers

Paradigm shift

Some years later I did have a “spiritual” event in my life, which changed my personality a bit.

Off medication

I was a few days off medication, just to experiment on myself.

ICU research. In the upcoming month I would spend 8 hours a day on NCBI and similar domains.


rye bread, hummus; smoothie — sunflower seeds, almonds, goji, chia, 2 bananas, unfiltered tap water; jasmine green tea


beer, croissant, piece of cake, apple cider

Next hangover breakfast and lunch

instant coffee, chocolate croissant, 2 soya yogurts, goji, sunflower seeds, clementine, chia, eggs, potatoes, dill sauce, jasmine tea

Emerging diagnosis

This is an example of taken from my 31 pages of research I accumulated inside the 1–2 months.
When researching C4 complement I found the old friend, cytokine.

Wrapping up

High bilirubin is a product of imperfect workings of the liver. But you cannot have a healthy liver without healing the gut first.

Hippocrates — “All Disease Begins In The Gut”

I also researched gut bacteria, butyrate acid (C4) production sites, and eventually I got to something called leaky gut.

Good bacteria vs bad bacteria

You have bad bacteria and good bacteria in your gut, and even the Chinese knew 3000 years ago that there is a gut-mind connection. Yes, because the bacteria in your gut help you generate neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine (serotonin more so, about 90% of it is created in your gut!). So your mind is in the same state as your gut basically, and that is a huge deal for mental disorders — depression or ADHD.

Taken from “Tao of healthy eating”
Leaky gut (notice zonulin)

Reversing the damage

I did not wait for my “doctor” to confirm all of this. I started studying the leaky gut condition and the associated diets (GAPS).

I ate only tempeh, rice, sweet potatoes occasionally (sugar in them), potatoes and buckwheat.

And strawberries, bananas and blueberries (lowest glycemic index, so important if you have to avoid sugar to starve the Candida. It was full-on war!).

Don’t eat that and Lion diet
screenshot made made public with her permission


This is every link I saved in my 31 pages of documentation and research, sorted by the studied subject. The links are in more or less chronological order (see below; backup link).

Hand acupressure points and related internal organs

INTP, Master’s degree in comp-sci, Creator, indie game developer, director, writer, photographer. I like BJJ, Jungian psychology, mythology and memes.

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