Analyzing the “ENTP growth phases” meme

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This also applies to INTP.

Phase 1 — Innocently smart, good kid

This starts in the elementary school. An innocent kid who his on top of his class and doesn’t even have to try to excel. Gets called a nerd a lot, even tho he never had to study like the others.

Phase 2 — Class clown, comedian

Continuing to high school, the kid never learned how to learn. But he gets still bored with the school and is able to go through it with relative ease. If he actually tried he would be on top, but sees it is not worth it. He just hit puberty, so he is literally overflowing with energy and has to release it somehow. Humor and storytelling seem to make people attracted to him, so he uses it to elevate his status.

Phase 3 — Rebel, departed

Leaves to study college. In some cases adapts some kind of an evil project because he has under-developed moral code. In case of an IT person it’s gonna be most likely hacking. He uses his hacking skills to make money online so he is able to support himself financially.

Phase 4 — Party animal, addict

In college he starts going to parties. He starts drinking and taking a lot of drugs. Drugs also help him to get through the boring school stuff. He also has a psychedelic awakening.

Phase 5 — Heartbroken lover, loser

He finds his first long term relationship. He tries to make it work, but soon senses something is wrong. Depending on his character, he finds that the girl manipulates him and is too needy, or he himself is too needy and attaches to the girl too much. Either way, the relationship gets soon broken up.

Phase 6 — Self-treated badass

He finds he has a lot of insecurities and after a few other failed relationships and unfulfilling one night stands realizes that the fault is in him. He has to work on himself hard before he can even hope to find a girl or a job he would like. He needs to find himself so he does some deep psychological work on himself. He travels. Studies his mind. Works on his Shadow side and tries to make friends with it. He starts lifting or doing martial arts to become physically dangerous. He is slowly becoming who he really is.

Phase 7 — Self-made entrepreneur

After a few years of office work that was slowly killing his soul he finally decides to quit. He has some money now, so he can manage to live off of it for some time. He starts doing what he wanted to do for a long time, but just didn’t have the energy, courage or will to do it. He has a lot of time now and his willpower is at all-time high, so he puts all of his energy into his projects. He works as hard as possible on the things he loves.

Phase 8 — Actual genius

His hard work has paid off. People sense that a great deal of effort went into his work and the projects he shares with the world have deep feelings and value engraved in them. People notice and are attracted to it. His work becomes semi-famous and he makes a substantial amount of money from it. He gets interviewed by other people, that are curious about how he did it. He shares his knowledge and helps others to walk the road of individuation.

Phase 9 — Activist, philanthropist

He invested the money he made from the first big project into another big project. He has a deep knowledge about the industry he chose to work in so he finds it easy to conduct business and marketing practices to generate even more money. With the newly found wealth he chooses to help others and make the world a better place.

He started with himself. He started with making himself better and he had a great vision, that spread around him. With the vision and his honest work, he managed to make not only himself, but others, a better version of themselves.

He had a will to power, a will to grow and to overcome any obstacles.
He made the world a better place than it was.

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INTP, Master’s degree in comp-sci, Creator, indie game developer, director, writer, photographer. I like BJJ, Jungian psychology, mythology and memes.

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