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INTP, Master’s degree in comp-sci, Creator, indie game developer, director, writer, photographer. I like BJJ, Jungian psychology, mythology and memes.

Skin writing disease — sometimes also called idiopathic dermographism, chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU), or dermatographic urticaria- can have a plethora of causes. Doctors mark it idiopathic once they are unable to find a cause… and that was exactly my case. The end diagnosis of my immunologist was that it is “genetic” and incurable. Luckily I did not give up and found a cure.

First shock

In my 7 years-long search for curing it, I stumbled across many articles and stories, but I did not find any solutions. I read a lot about similar conditions — sun, cold, and stress initiated.

Mine was…

One of the “rehearsing photos” that Hitler wanted to be destroyed

First, we will take a look at the political circumstances of Hitler‘s time that made his rise to power possible. Then we will assess the crucial events from his personal history and his psychological profile. And finally in chapter 7, we will analyze how a schizophrenic psychopath like him could influence whole nations.

1. What were the primary political and economic issues of his time?

Put yourself in the shoes of an average German in 1921. Your country just lost the Great War (WW1), you have to pay reparations to certain countries (roughly equivalent to $442 billion in 2021) and your military is severely restricted. Germany is forced to accept the sole…

If you want to become a game developer, but were always afraid of learning a programming language, Bolt visual scripting language might be the right starting point for your gamedev journey!

Two main game engines in the industry, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity now both have the option to use a visual scripting language, instead of the classic programming languages. In the case of UE4 it’s has always been the blueprint system (used primarily instead of C++) and in the case of Unity it’s Bolt.

In this tutorial we will make a clone of the popular game Flappy Bird and…

The basic law of the Universe is that of karma. Everything you do leaves a debt, be it good or bad.

I use this philosophy for my everyday life. I know that when I will partake in hedonistic pleasures, it will incur a debt, I will have to pay for later.

So, when I have a day that is full of easy things, then I know the second day will be full of difficult things. Thus I try to do very difficult things, so I can have an easy time later.

The same goes for any kind of project. Be…

Jung’s Labyrinth is a psychological exploration game I made in 3 months. The game is unlike any other. I noticed a niche on the market, for games that would utilize Jungian psychology. There are literally no games (or movies) that would go in-depth into archetypal/analytical psychology and use its concepts literally.

The official trailer for Jung’s Labyrinth

Most people never even heard about Jung, but they know Sigmund Freud. In my subjective opinion, Freud was a narrow-minded sexually repressed genius, whereas Carl Gustav Jung was an incomprehensibly deep and open genius.

I compare Jung to Einstein, but you can understand…

Neurotic symptoms, therefore, might be compensatory; part of a self-regulating mechanism whose aim was the achievement of a better balance within the psyche. Jung sometimes said of an individual: “Thank God, he became neurotic!” Just as pain might make a man realize that there was something wrong with his body, so neurotic symptoms could draw attention to psychological problems of which the individual was unaware.

The very frequent neurotic disturbances of adult years all have one thing in common: they want to carry the psychology of the youthful phase over the threshold of the so-called years of discretion. Who does…

title image

Add an audio listener to your camera (it should be there by default already):

Import your sounds:

The first article I wrote after quitting my office job gained 440 hours of member reading time, 80k views, 1k fans, and almost 4k claps.

Here is a post-mortem analysis of the article.

What I did right

Before I jumped into being a medium writer “full-time” I wrote some articles on the side, but I’ve never entirely invested myself in it. The most-read article before that had 9k views and made only a few dollars. Only when I went all-in I was able to write this break-through article. …

In the last part of this gamedev series we will be making the scene look good. We will add better models, play with atmosphere and tweak the overall game feel.

Essentially, I will be creating this:

Final game

..from this:

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