2. sounds about right, I’ve been eating jasmine rice for past 2 years pretty much every other day, and I feel great.
3. great! I’ve been using licorice lately too. It also protects your liver from alcohol damage, it can even revert the damage caused by fatty liver disease. That’s why there is a licorice vodka in Finland, Koskenkorva. Licorice nullifies the damage of the alcohol to the gut. So of course, it protects the liver from the effects of the hyperbilirubinemia.

4. yeah, normal Heinz beans I kinda do.. I eat them about once a month now, but I had times where I had a full english breakfast every day, and I was fine. BUT! I do not tolerate those long green beans. The red kidney beans are fine.

INTP, Master’s degree in comp-sci, Creator, indie game developer, director, writer, photographer. I like BJJ, Jungian psychology, mythology and memes.

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